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Gain the information edge with expert, efficient legal investigation. Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or insurance company, the private detectives PK Security has the track record and proven experience to provide the investigation services specific to your needs. We employ only experienced private detectives from varied background and experience that meet the high standard requirement of experience required to meet each client's specific need.

Personal Investigation

If you have a suspicion on a family member or dealing with a cheating partner, investigation and careful observation is almost always needed. We make use of our astute inspectors arranged suitably to screen secretively the meeting, activities and advancement of a person.

Corporate Investigation

When corporate investigations are done well, it can uncover situations that impact security, identify wrongdoing and mitigate risks for your organization. We help ensuring a company is running smoothly and within the law.

Legal Services

Legal investigation requires gathering together of facts in a situation which will be tried in a court of law. We help you efficiently manage your case load and protect you from becoming a witness to your own case.

Missing Person/Help Tracing

A missing person investigation requires high attention to detail and analytical skills. Our investigator team is dedicated to helping families find their missing dear ones in a short time.


Whether you are suspicious of a Spouse or “significant other” or if you need to keep an eye on someone, we have the right team to get the job done.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Getting married is one of the chief and biggest decisions for a person and their family. We help you run a confidential background check on your to-be partner without causing any imbalance.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation

Our investigators solve cases in given time with full privacy and efficiency. We take care of your confidentiality while finding evidences.

Post-Employment Investigation

An efficient verification team helps you wind up the surplus and disloyal employees involved in espionage or suspicious activities against interest of company.